Help Me Find My Dad’s Red GT

I immigrated to Australia from South Africa Durban in 1998. Since 98 I have owned 4 V8 Holden’s. I live in Melbourne and drive an SSV Redline, please do  not hold that against me. Australian Fords and Holden V8 muscle cars can be compared with the best in the world. I will always admire the SA GT and  always live in hope one day I will own one. The reason for my interest in this site is that my father had 2 Fairmont GT’s in the early 70’s, the first was an orange XW and then a red XY. The XY had  black stripes. As a kid I remember the rubber insert in the steering and the fact that dad would accidental set the horn off because it was soft from the strong  South African sun. He would roar up the hill towing his boat and the sound of the V8 will always remain in my head. I felt very proud when he dropped me off  at school; I always made sure it was at the front gate and ensured my mates would see. I also remember dad racing my Uncle in his Alfa. Dad always lost it  on the corners, but when it came to brut speed/power he would always leave the Alfa behind Anyway back to my interest in this great web site. At that time in my dad’s life he would change his cars every 6 months, hence the short period of owning the  XW and then changing it to the XY. The XY was also kept for 6- 12 months, the change to a yellow Mercedes (boring). I am trying my luck in an attempt to  trace Dad’s the XY, hoping it is still on the road. After reading this site I can kick myself for not taking more interested in the car at the time. I have asked my  father and he has no records, no rego or who he sold it too. I only know the following:

My Dads GT Specifications

Red XY Fairmont GT Black strips The Shaker The screw locks for the bonnet Purchased from Grosvenor Ford Pinetown - South Africa (I think) Possibility trade in for the Mercedes Not too sure if it had aircon or power steering It did not have a sun roof I think it had a vinyl roof

My Dads GT

This is the only photo I have of my dads’s red GT.

Born in Australia, bred in South Africa


XY Fairmont GT  1971 - 1972 XW Fairmont GT  1970 - 1971
Thank you to Cameron Manewell of RestoPrep for permitting the publication of the below information and Boxy MS33 FAIRMONT GT REGISTRAR for his contribution.