XW GT black seat Trim


Both have Australian Seats frames South African GT’s had vinyl coverings with different patterns on the insert. Some SA GT’s have been seen with Australian seat trim patterns, these may have been re-trimmed to match Australian GT’s

Born in Australia, bred in South Africa


XY Fairmont GT  1971 - 1972 XW Fairmont GT  1970 - 1971

Fairmont XW and XY GT

XW front XY GT Seat Trim •	White perforated hood •	 lining C-pillar port lights •	Speedometer in KM/H •	Top speed  240km/h (140MPH) Wood grain is missing from the dash, as is the padded section under the glove box XW GT Red seat Trim XY GT black seat Trim

Temp guage is in Celsius.

100lb Oil Pressure guage makred in Bar, Max 7Bar GT Steering Wheel Selectair Air Conditioning XT GT Driving lights, Same brackets and switches

GT Gear Lever

Selectair Air Conditioning
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