Born in Australia, bred in South Africa

South African Fairmont XY GT


My interest in the South African Fairmont GT (SAFTGT), besides wishing to own one, is an attempt to find my Dads red Fairmont GT. After a lot of “googling” I quickly realised

there is a wealth of information in various places on the internet. This site is an attempt to gather all information in one area and relaunch the forum that Boxy Rule started 9 years

ago. Face Book Page

Ford Southern Africa would have been the original source of truth, but unfortunately records were lost when Ford moved from Port Elizabeth to Pretoria in 1986. Over the years information has been collected, therefore there may be conflicting facts and figures on this site. SAFTGT would appreciate feedback on anything that is not correct to ensure what is published is factual. Enthusiasts in United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand have dedicated time and large sums of money to ensure the South African Fairmont GT does not rust away. Over the years SAFTGT have been exported from South Africa in various stages of disrepair or near perfect condition and many enthusiasts have restored the SAFTGT to ensure the legend continues.  Quick fact sheet The Fairmont GT is a full GT. The 1970 - 1972 Fairmont GT was manufactured in Australia at the Ford Australia Geelong plant as a 54H GT 4 door sedan. The Australian built Falcon GT was also manufactured on the same assembly line at Broadmeadows & also non GT Falcons in Brisbane. Therefore JG being Broadmeadows assembled & JH being Brisbane. MS33 are the numbers given to the Exported Falcon GT, to be re badge Fairmont GT upon completion at Ford Port Elizabeth South Africa. The Australian GT Falcon is actually based on a Fairmont so you could say the SA Fairmont GT is truer to its name. The cars were then put into Complete Knock Down Form & painted in red oxide paint for there ocean travel & final assembly in South Africa. Assembly included, all glass, Trim based on Australian Futura 54C , GT dash, steering wheel, console. Bucket seats, and a fully imported 4v 351 Cleveland crate motor, fmx cruise-o-matic (XYGT) C4 XWGT or 4 speed top loader (XYGT)  & 9 “ Diff. Only 239 XW Fairmont GT’s were made Only 1,585 XY Fairmont GT’s were made A total of 1,824 I have used a number of images from the internet of various South African GT’s for display purposes only. EG colour etc. if anyone is offended please let me know. Otherwise thank you all for allowing me to use these images to support this great cause of saving the Rhino alias SAFTGT for short. In South Africa we have the white, black and SAFTGT Rhino   I hope you enjoy this web site, appreciate comments on improvements and further updates to the Fairmont GT legend. Thank you to all those that have contributed to this site and special thanks to: Darryl (Boxy) Rule for his support in keeping the legend alive and publishing information on the South African Fairmont GT Cameron Manewell of RestoPrep - Imperial Blasting for the use of his images and information.

South African Fairmont XW GT