Born in Australia, bred in South Africa


XY Fairmont GT  1971 - 1972 XW Fairmont GT  1970 - 1971
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1971 - 1972 XY

1970 - 1971 XW


South African Fairmont XW GT

As with the XY GTs, the 54H body shell was used. As was the XW GT Vented bonnet with cable locking pins. Some of the XW

Fairmont GTs have XY stripes, but most had there own unique South African GT stripe, which appears to be an XY GT stripe,

with the upper and lower stripes removed? (the stripe pictured is likely to be a poor reproduction, so the font is most likely


Badges were relocated as seen in the pics below

(Please note the XW GT shown here has been fitted with XY tail lights, it would have had XW tail lights originally)

Factory Sports Racing mirror

Vinyl tops were very common in South

Africa as seen on this XW GT

Also like the South African XY GT’s, the XW’s featured different interior patterns to those seen in the Aussie versions, but

essential features like the GT dash, console and steering wheel were retained the same as the Aussie GT’s. The SA XW GT

however still had the 140MPH speedometer as fitted to the Aussie GT’s and the 8,000rpm tachometer as they were a Cleveland

powered XW GT.

There are some examples the tail light lenses upside down, indicator at the top. TBC XY GT Stripes - no Superoo Window Glass features a different stamp found on Falcon GT Alloy Shaker - stripes have been incorrectly done on this vehicle Stainless trim around rear window, instead of being painted satin black Factory braced and locking pinned shaker bonnet XY GT Sports racing mirror Driverside only. XY GT Fuel cap Power steering was an option GT Bathurst fuel tank, was an option         Metric Gauges No wood door trim No wood door trim Automatic Dash Manual